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Business Networking Through Social Media

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In this technological era in which we live, the ability to ‘friend’ someone in business, is literally at one’s fingertips. Smart phones such as the Blackberry and Apple iPhones are making internet access remarkably easily and speedy. Many young women striving to break male stereotypes in the business world, can now network and promote their businesses and careers from their mobiles, while walking the dog or cooking dinner. “MySpace is a vital avenue for marketing my music because it has a networking feature to enter my industry, which allows me to connect with others in it,” says Jackie Kwenda, a 28 year old songwriter and vocalist for 2 bands; ‘The Proud Marys’ and ‘The Swingsetters’. In my quest to find out more about how social media sites – and as mobisites – benefit young, career orientated, black South African women in their career outlooks, I spoke to 3 driven ladies.

Masithokoze Moyo (Business-woman)

Masithokoze Moyo is in her early thirties and is a pilot and Executive Director for Alpine Aviation, a skills development specialist and the Founder of the Masithokoze Abatakale Foundation Southern Africa. Using her Apple iPhone 4, she browses online. “I am a serial networker and skills development activist who belongs to over 35 networks of professional business development platforms. Being part of social media sites was a strategic move for me because they allow me to engage with people I would otherwise not have met, who require my service or who could possess viable business leads for me. I have been assisted by many individuals throughout my career and as such, I too can offer contacts for emerging business people. Through social media sites I have expanded my existing contact base and now have access to a variety of service providers should I need them. Building mutually supportive relationships is key for the growth of any business and social media technologies are helping us along.” Read the rest of this entry »

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